NANOGEN project

University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Iuliu Hatieganu" Cluj-Napoca


The present project has the following goals:


 ►the treatment of hepatic cancer and indirectly improving the quality of life of the patients with hepatic cancer


 ►realizing of an experimental model forbthe treatment of hepatic tumours using nanostructures capable of transporting p53 gene;


 ►extending the anticancerous therapy also to the other types of cancer caused by mutation and by some defective genes;


►correlating the european program with the national program of research in the domain of gene therapy in association with nanotechnology, one future domain with a direct ability to increase the quality of medical service and also the quality of life;


►formation and development of thecompetences of young researchers implied in the domain of research and education


►promoting the participation of the romanian institutions and universities.



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Florin Graur MD, PhD


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